Partnership Opportunities

Réseau ACCESS Network is open to partnerships that enable the Agency to better serve the community. If your organization has an initiative that would be mutually beneficial and allow the Agency to further fulfill its mandate please communicate with Heidi by email at [email protected].

Community Development

Réseau ACCESS Network facilitates Community Development in an effort to engage agencies, create and strengthen partnerships, provide opportunities for education and awareness, all in an effort to decrease the rates of new HIV and Hepatitis C infections, reduce stigma for those living with HIV/Hepatitis C and support their access to care and treatment. By recognizing the social determinants of health and the needs of those we serve, Réseau ACCESS Network fosters an environment that helps the community respond to these goals, bringing about change and mobilizing people in communities.

Community Partners

website Canadian Mental Health Association

phone 705.675.7252

website Centre de santé communautaire de Sudbury
phone 705.670.2274


website Corner Clinic

phone 705.673.3721

website  Community Drug Strategy


website Crisis Intervention Program and Mobile Crisis Team

phone 1.877.841.1101


website Delta Bingo – Val Caron


website Fierté Sudbury Pride


website  GMSH – Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance

phone  1.800.839.0369

 HALCO – HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario

phone  1-888-705-8889


website  LGBT Youth Hotline

phone  1.800.268.YOUTH


website HAVEN Program

phone 705.523.7148


website OAHAS

phone 705.674.9949


website Ontario Addictions Treatment Centres

phone 705.673.1116

website Ontario Harm Reduction Network (OHRN) 

phone 416.703.7348 or 1.866.591.0347


website St-Peter’s United Church

phone 705.675.2171


website  Action Centre

phone 705.673.4287


website Sudbury District Health Unit

phone 705.522.9200


website  SWANS


website  WHAI


website  World Hepatitis Alliance